This site is dedicated to my 1955 Chevrolet 3600 Series 5-window truck.  I purchased the truck on January 22, 2004 sight unseen (except for the advertising flyer) and I am storing it in Santa Fe, NM until I return to the States.

   I decided to purchase the truck after many years of searching for the right one (and much harassment from my friend who has a couple of International Harvester vehicles).   My parents will drive it on occasion and I will utilize it when I am visiting, but otherwise it will wait for my return.  My two boys (Adam and Ryan) will be old enough to be interested in helping with the restoration and should be a good father/sons project.

    The subsequent pages are here to show the progress of the make-over as it develops.  I am leaning towards a street/strip version of this daily driver.  Any feedback or comments regarding this truck or the subsequent pages are more than welcome.





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