1965 Chevelle SS

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(22 Apr 14)  I think I got a reasonable deal for the price. There are a few rust issues to deal with but not too many and none of them are critical. First thing is new tires, then vehicle title and registration I found some old 1966 VA plates when we bought the house. I kept them for my 55 truck, but then decided they will work fine for my 65 Chevelle (just need to modify the year numbers). A tune up is obviously next and I need to replace all of the fluids. Despite the rattle can touch ups on the Earl Scheib paint job, I will focus on the mechanical parts first. The trunk rust is not too bad (already a few patches) and there is some rust in the front on the frame behind the wheel wells. I will figure out what to do after that...

IMG_2270.JPGIMG_2271.JPGIMG_2272.JPGIMG_2273.JPGIMG_2274.JPGIMG_2281.JPGIMG_2282.JPGIMG_2283.JPGIMG_2284.JPGIMG_2285.JPGIMG_2286.JPGIMG_2287.JPGIMG_2288.JPGIMG_2289.JPGIMG_2290.JPGIMG_2291.JPGIMG_2292.JPGIMG_2293.JPGIMG_2294.JPGpassenger door.JPGpassenger front.JPGpassenger rear.JPGpassenger side.JPGrear deck rust.JPGrust hole.JPG